Plant This Poster, 2013


Anonymity was not for the sake of keeping myself safe or ensuring I was able to continue working on projects such as this. Putting up posters is not illegal, and choosing to remain anonymous was simply an effort to focus the attention on my art, and not my identity. My posters also read “Plant this Poster” not “Plant this Seed”, and were covered with an assortment of wildflower and indigenous tobacco seeds, not wheatgrass. I only chose seeds that were indigenous to the area, and therefore part of the pre-colonial ecosystems in that part of Ontario. It was my hope that only including those seeds would make make a statement about the importance of maintaing diversity in all ecosystems, and preventing the eradication of indigenous species by invasive species. More so than that, the overall purpose of this project was partly inspired by traditional knowledge and values, rather than to defend those values in the face of conformity or assimilation. My greatest hope is that this project is able to encourage and offer a starting point for public discussions about community involvement, environmentalism, activism, and the aesthetics of sustainability.